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Footy as a design statement

Category  Estate Development  |  Project  Waverley Park, Glen Waverley  |  Designers  Mirvac, Architects & Planners


Waverley Park is the former VFL Park, abandoned as a major football venue in 1999 and redeveloped as a master-planned residential community around the retained oval and members' grandstand (protected on the Victorian Heritage Register).


This project sought to create a new community on an isolated  site and find a viable use for the retained stadium structures. It also tackles the issue of increased densities above the suburban norm and tests new housing models in a traditionally conservative suburban market.


The new street network features the stadium as centre piece, with concentric rings of development and radial access streets. Community facilities including a gym, shops and cafĂ© are accommodated within the heritage grandstand and the oval maintains its VFL/AFL associations as the home or practice ground  for the Hawks. The oval is enclosed and overlooked by a ring of modern townhouses and apartments, both protecting the space and providing an incentive for higher density living (for footy fans at least). As one moves away from the central oval, densities lessen to accommodate individual houses, but lot  sizes remain compact. Careful design means the remaining private open space is high quality, concentrated in private courtyards and patios rather than in futile setbacks.


Waverley Park is proof that good design, both in master planning and architectural terms, is capable of providing commercially successful medium density housing in a suburban location.

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Fact Sheet - Waverley Park, Glen Waverley (PDF, 552.7 KB)
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