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Category  Estate Development  |  Project The Village, Westall  |  Designers  Louis Chiodo & Associates, Architects and Tract, Planners


The Village is an Austcorp residential development on a 7 ha. rezoned timber yard immediately abutting the recently rebuilt Westall Station. It comprises visually traditional, but energy efficient terraced townhouses with some apartments in later phases, but no commercial or community facilities (there  is a local shopping centre and school immediately to the south).


Apart from promoting sustainability, including raising residential densities in response to public transport access, the main interest of The Village is its physical relationship to the station building and how this facility is integrated with the public street network.


The master plan is structured around a central boulevard focussing visual and pedestrian connection on the new station entry and providing a defined and actively overlooked route leading directly from the nearby secondary school to the station. A small landscaped plaza and drop-off point is created  at the foot of the station stairs, appropriately surrounded and overlooked by adjoining houses. Planting areas in the boulevard and elsewhere are designed to capture and filter stormwater in a successful example of water sensitive urban design (WSUD).


Through considered design, transit oriented development (TOD) can successfully breathe meaning and character into a suburban residential development.

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The Village-Westall