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Infill and heritage - a 'win win' response

Category  Infill Development  |  Project  Former Yarraville Hotel, Ballarat Street, Yarraville  |  Architect  SJB Architects


The former Yarraville Hotel site consists of the original historic two-storey bluestone hotel building at the corner with infill blocks of terrace-style apartments on the remainder of the site. This part of Ballarat Street is on the edge of the Yarraville village and is within an area of heritage significance.


The insertion of new residential development needed to respect the character and presentation to the street exhibited by neighbouring dwellings and the historic hotel building.  In particular, care was needed to incorporate apartments within an area typified by individual houses.


The project retained the historic Yarraville Hotel as a stand-alone building with a restaurant at ground floor level. The infill apartments have contemporary façades which interpret rather than copy the visual character of existing neighbouring dwellings.  The apartments step down to a single storey at the boundary to reflect the scale of the existing house next door.  Each group of apartments has a different façade design, thereby enriching the character of the site frontages and differentiating each apartment block.


Taking a modern interpretation of a terrace row form for infill apartments increases density without dominating a historic area of largely single storey houses. The reuse of the former Yarraville Hotel as a restaurant retains a significant architectural and cultural link to the history of the local area.

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Fact Sheet - Former Yarraville Hotel, Ballarat Street, Yarraville (PDF, 693.7 KB)
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