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Consolidation: achieving density gain and housing choice

Category  Small Residential Development  |  Project  Doncaster Road, Doncaster  |  Architect  Peter Sgourakis


This multi unit residential development is located on a corner site (comprising the consolidation of three lots) on a main traffic artery in a suburban setting. This section of Doncaster Road is characterised by single dwellings on large lots which have the potential for consolidation in order to achieve significant increases in density.


The development needed to address the surrounding low scale housing and two street frontages, with the main frontage being a heavily trafficked arterial road.


The project comprises a three to four storey apartment block with landscaped setbacks.  The buildings' facades are massed and articulated to reduce the overall bulk of the development and comprise quality materials and finishes.  Several entry lobbies on the main frontage provide a series of street addresses and together with windows and balconies, provide passive surveillance to the street.  Car parking is sleeved under the building with discreet access from a side street.


This project has consolidated three lots to create 33 apartments that provide housing density and choice within a typical suburban setting.  Accommodating the scale and density of development has been assisted by the corner location with spatial separation achieved through setbacks on site.  The change in scale from three/four storey to single storey development is substantial, although it is likely that adjoining sites may be redeveloped for higher density in the future.

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Fact Sheet - Doncaster Road, Doncaster (PDF, 666.1 KB)
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