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Category  Small Residential Development  |  Project  Beach Road, Parkdale  |  Architects  BBP Architects (Serge Biguzas & David Balestra-Pimpini)


This group of five townhouses is located on a large suburban block facing Port Phillip Bay. The surrounding area comprises a mix of free-standing family houses, and a variety of medium density housing types, including townhouses, semi-detached houses, dual occupancies, villa units and low-rise flats.


This project intensifies the use of its site with a type of medium density development that has become common for suburban blocks with a wider frontage – townhouses grouped around a central access way.


The central space defined by the buildings achieves more than just access for cars and pedestrians. Strong expression of the buildings' internal room spaces as exterior forms, together with the clever placement of windows protects the interior amenity in terms of aspect, privacy and light. The careful siting and sizing of windows and entries reduces overlooking between dwellings which are closely spaced. The disciplined use of a varied palette of quality materials helps to distinguish these building forms and further enhances the outdoor space. The same attention to materials extends to the fences, driveway surface and landscaping.


Vehicle access can be carefully designed to function as an attractive communal space. Privacy, legibility and visual interest can be retained in tight spaces by designing each unit individually.

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Fact Sheet - Beach Road, Parkdale (PDF, 548.6 KB)
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