Get a Planning Property Report anywhere, anytime

The PlannngVIC: Planning Property Report app provides easy access to planning scheme information for any property in Victoria.

The app complements the online Planning Property Report service and includes property details like zoning and overlay controls, and state heritage information where it applies to land.

Features include:

  • free planning information reports for any property in Victoria
  • uses your current location or allows entry of any other address in Victoria
  • search for or locate a property on a map
  • save or email the report for later offline viewing
  • reports are delivered in HTML or PDF format and are identical to those that are also available from the Planning Property Report service

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The PlanningVic app is available in Apple iOS and Android formats:


PlanningVIC for Apple iOS

  • Suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later, optimised for iOS 6.0 or later

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PlanningVIC for Android

  • Suitable for all Android-based smartphones and tablets.
  • Requires Android 2.1 or later


Apple iOS

  • version 2 updates the app for compatability with iOS 9.3
  • full iPad support
  • iPhone 5 support
  • fixed fault that prevented map search locating properties that was associated with Apple iOS 9.0.2 and earlier versions
  • links and cosmetic updates made to fix screen layouts.


  • updated for compatibility with Android Marshmallow
  • links and cosmetic updates made to fix screen layouts.

More information

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