PlanningVIC accesses the Victorian Government's Planning Property Report service to provide free planning reports that contain planning information for any property in Victoria, Australia.

PlanningVIC uses your current location within Victoria or an address of your choice to provide you with a comprehensive report of planning information for that property. You can view your reports in the app, save them as PDFs or share them by email. Saving your reports in the app means you can quickly refer to them later.

Download and install

The app is available in two different versions. All versions are free to use.

For Android smartphones and tablets

  1. Go to the Google Play app store
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. The app will download to your device.
  4. When prompted select Install.

For Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

  1. Go to the iTunes App Store and search for PlanningVIC or follow this link to iTunes Preview and select the View in iTunes button.

  1. Click on the Install or Update button. You may need to confirm your Apple ID and Password to gain access to the iTunes Store. If you do not have an Apple ID then follow the prompts to create a new account.
  2. The app will automatically download and install onto your desktop.

Start screen

Map Search

Search for and locate a property by using an interactive map or the GPS included on your device.

Text Search

Search by entering an address for any property in Victoria.

My Reports

A list of Planning property Reports that you have previously saved for future reference.

Start screen

This page also provides links to the DELWP Planning website and the Planning Maps Online interactive map service.

Map search screen

The Map Search screen opens an interactive map that allows you to navigate to a property by moving the 'map target' icon.

Note that if you move the target onto land that is not a property, such as a road, river or park, then you will receive an error message "Sorry, The remote service is unavailable" or "Sorry no results were found".

Map search screen

Locate to your current location

If you turn on the GPS on your mobile device then you can use the 'My Location' button in the bottom right-hand corner to centre the map at your current location.

When a property is correctly identified then you can obtain a Planning Property Report for that property by following the link in the address displayed on screen.

Text search screen

The Text Search Screen allows you to search for a Victorian property by using a property address.

If your search address is a valid address then the Map Screen will open with the searched property highlighted.

Text search screen

Report screen

Planning Property Reports are available for all Victorian properties.

The report provides information about the property details, planning zoning and overlay controls, and state heritage significance, if applicable.

The specific planning zones and overlays are listed with hyperlinks to the planning provisions included in the local planning scheme. Maps show the extent of the zones and overlays in relation to the selected property.

Reports are provided in two different formats.

Report screen

HTML Reports

HTML reports are the default form of report provided in all versions of PlanningVIC.

They are quicker to download as they are simply a small web page.

PDF Reports

PDF versions of reports are available by choice and may be useful if you wish to save a version of a report for printing or future use.

Report options

Once you have created a report you may save it as a bookmark or PDF, or send via email as a bookmark or PDF.

Bookmark Link

You can bookmark a link to add it to your My Reports page. This provides an easy way to view a current version of a report for a property anytime in the future.

Reeport options screen

E-Mail Link

Use the E-Mail Link option to send a link to the report to yourself or someone else for future reference.

Save as PDF

Save the report as a PDF file for future reference.

E-Mail PDF

This option downloads a PDF version of the report and allows you to send it to someone via email.

My Reports screen

The My Reports screen provides a list of the reports that you have viewed and saved either as bookmarks or PDF files.

Note that in the Android version of PlannngVIC you can save both bookmarked and PDF versions of reports. At this point the iOS version of PlanningVIC only allows you to save either a bookmark or a PDF version.

My Reports screen

Contact us

Please contact us at if you require further assistance or have any feedback about our app.

Page last updated: 12/09/19