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VicPlan is Victoria’s official statewide planning zone and overlay information service covering all 3.5 million properties in Victoria.

A state-wide mapping service for location-based zone and overlay information.

04ZN ZONES (PDF 25.6 KB) 06/10/2006
10ZN ZONES (PDF 24.7 KB) 06/10/2006
17ZN ZONES (PDF 46.3 KB) 06/10/2006
18ZN ZONES (PDF 27.6 KB) 06/10/2006
23ZN ZONES (PDF 32.1 KB) 06/10/2006
24ZN ZONES (PDF 42.3 KB) 06/10/2006
28ZN ZONES (PDF 32.2 KB) 06/10/2006
46ZN ZONES (PDF 27.8 KB) 06/10/2006