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ClauseClause TypeSize
Preliminary0.02 MB
Cover PagePlanning Scheme Cover Page0.10 MB
94.02VicSmart0.02 MB
03User Guide0.04 MB
52.05 (schedule)Signs0.01 MB
02User Guide0.03 MB
09User Guide0.01 MB
52.28 (schedule)Gaming0.01 MB
02.01User Guide0.03 MB
02.02User Guide0.03 MB
02.03User Guide0.03 MB
10User Guide0.01 MB
10.01User Guide0.01 MB
10.02User Guide0.02 MB
11.01Victoria0.54 MB
20Local Planning Policy Framework0.01 MB
21Local Planning Policy Framework0.01 MB
21.01Municipal Strategic Statement0.02 MB
11.02Managing Growth0.04 MB
21.02Municipal Strategic Statement0.03 MB
21.07Municipal Strategic Statement0.04 MB
21.06Municipal Strategic Statement0.77 MB
21.08Municipal Strategic Statement0.04 MB
22Local Planning Policies0.01 MB
21.05Municipal Strategic Statement0.70 MB
22.01Local Planning Policies0.04 MB
21.04Municipal Strategic Statement5.22 MB
30Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
11.03Planning for Places0.03 MB
21.09Municipal Strategic Statement0.05 MB
31[No content/Zones]0.01 MB
32Residential Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
21.03Municipal Strategic Statement0.50 MB
32.03Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ)0.04 MB
32.03 (schedule)Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ)0.01 MB
32.04Mixed Use Zone (MUZ)0.05 MB
32.04 (schedule)Mixed Use Zone (MUZ)0.01 MB
32.08 (schedule 1)General Residential Zone (GRZ)0.01 MB
32.05Township Zone (TZ)0.05 MB
32.05 (schedule)Township Zone (TZ)0.01 MB
32.08General Residential Zone (GRZ)0.05 MB
33Industrial Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
33.01 (schedule)Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z)0.01 MB
33.03 (schedule)Industrial 3 Zone (IN3Z)0.01 MB
34.01 (schedule)Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z)0.01 MB
34.02Commercial 2 Zone (C2Z)0.04 MB
34Commercial Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
34.01Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z)0.14 MB
33.03Industrial 3 Zone (IN3Z)0.04 MB
33.01Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z)0.04 MB
35Rural Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
35.03Rural Living Zone (RLZ)0.04 MB
35.03 (schedule 1)Rural Living Zone (RLZ)0.01 MB
35.03 (schedule 2)Rural Living Zone (RLZ)0.01 MB
35.03 (schedule 5)Rural Living Zone (RLZ)0.01 MB
35.03 (schedule 4)Rural Living Zone (RLZ)0.01 MB
35.03 (schedule 3)Rural Living Zone (RLZ)0.19 MB
35.07Farming Zone (FZ)0.05 MB
35.08Rural Activity Zone (RAZ)0.05 MB
36Public Land Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
35.07 (schedule)Farming Zone (FZ)0.82 MB
36.01Public Use Zone (PUZ)0.03 MB
35.08 (schedule)Rural Activity Zone (RAZ)0.03 MB
36.01 (schedule)Public Use Zone (PUZ)0.01 MB
36.02Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ)0.04 MB
36.02 (schedule)Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ)0.01 MB
36.04Road Zone (RDZ)0.03 MB
37Special Purpose Zones (face sheet)0.01 MB
36.03Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ)0.04 MB
36.03 (schedule)Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ)0.01 MB
37.01Special Use Zone (SUZ)0.03 MB
37.01 (schedule 2)Special Use Zone (SUZ)0.04 MB
37.01 (schedule 1)Special Use Zone (SUZ)0.08 MB
43.04 (schedule 7)Development Plan Overlay (DPO)0.03 MB
37.01 (schedule 5)Special Use Zone (SUZ)0.05 MB
37.03 (schedule)Urban Floodway Zone (UFZ)0.01 MB
37.03Urban Floodway Zone (UFZ)0.03 MB
37.07Urban Growth Zone (UGZ)0.05 MB
40Overlays (face sheet)0.01 MB
41Operation of Overlays0.01 MB
42Environmental and Landscape Overlays (Face Sheet)0.01 MB
42.01Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO)0.14 MB
42.01 (schedule 2)Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO)0.04 MB
37.07 (schedule 1)Urban Growth Zone (UGZ)0.45 MB
42.01 (schedule 3)Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO)0.05 MB
42.02 (schedule 1)Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO)0.02 MB
42.02Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO)0.14 MB
37.07 (schedule 2)Urban Growth Zone (UGZ)0.46 MB
42.01 (schedule 4)Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO)0.03 MB
42.03Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO)0.14 MB
42.03 (schedule 1)Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO)0.02 MB
42.03 (schedule 3)Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO)0.02 MB
43.02Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.03 MB
43.01Heritage Overlay (HO)0.04 MB
43Heritage and Built Form Overlays (face sheet)0.01 MB
43.01 (schedule)Heritage Overlay (HO)0.24 MB
43.02 (schedule 4)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.03 MB
43.02 (schedule 7)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.03 MB
43.02 (schedule 1)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.68 MB
43.02 (schedule 6)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.03 MB
43.02 (schedule 8)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.03 MB
43.02 (schedule 2)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.40 MB
43.02 (schedule 5)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.38 MB
43.02 (schedule 9)Design and Development Overlay (DDO)0.03 MB
43.04Development Plan Overlay (DPO)0.03 MB
43.04 (schedule 3)Development Plan Overlay (DPO)0.03 MB
43.04 (schedule 4)Development Plan Overlay (DPO)0.02 MB
44Land Management Overlays (face sheet)0.01 MB
44.01 (schedule)Erosion Management Overlay (EMO)0.02 MB
44.01Erosion Management Overlay (EMO)0.04 MB
44.03Floodway Overlay (FO or RFO)0.03 MB
44.04Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO)0.03 MB
44.04 (schedule)Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO)0.01 MB
44.03 (schedule)Floodway Overlay (FO or RFO)0.01 MB
44.06Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) prior to 18 November 2011 Wildfire Management Overlay (WMO)0.04 MB
45Other Overlays (face sheet)0.01 MB
44.06 (schedule 1)Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) prior to 18 November 2011 Wildfire Management Overlay (WMO)0.03 MB
45.01 (schedule)Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO)0.01 MB
45.01Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO)0.03 MB
45.03Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO)0.02 MB
45.06Development Contribution Overlay (DCPO)0.03 MB
45.05 (schedule)Restructure Overlay (RO)0.01 MB
45.05Restructure Overlay (RO)0.03 MB
45.09Parking Overlay (PO)0.03 MB
45.06 (schedule 2)Development Contribution Overlay (DCPO)0.38 MB
50Particular Provisions (face sheet)0.01 MB
52Provisions That Require, Enable or Exempt a Permit0.01 MB
52.01[No content/SUBDIVISION]0.02 MB
45.06 (schedule 1)Development Contribution Overlay (DCPO)1.73 MB
45.06 (schedule 3)Development Contribution Overlay (DCPO)0.38 MB
45.09 (schedule 1)Parking Overlay (PO)0.01 MB
51Provisions that apply only to Specified Area0.01 MB
52.02Easements, Restrictions and Reserves0.03 MB
52.02 (schedule)Easements, Restrictions and Reserves0.01 MB
52.05Signs0.28 MB
93.14VicSmart0.04 MB
52.06Car Parking0.17 MB
52.01 (schedule)[No content/SUBDIVISION]0.01 MB
52.09Stone Extraction and Extractive Industry Interest Areas0.03 MB
52.11Home Based Business0.03 MB
52.08Earth and Energy Recources Industry0.03 MB
52.12Bushfire Protection Exemptions0.02 MB
52.15Heliport and Helicopter Landing Sites0.03 MB
52.132009 Bushfire - Recovery Exceptions0.03 MB
52.16Native Vegetation Precinct Plan0.25 MB
52.03 (schedule)[No content/SPECIFIC SITES AND EXCLUSIONS]0.01 MB
52.16 (schedule)Native Vegetation Precinct Plan0.01 MB
52.17Native Vegetation0.48 MB
52.142009 Bushfire - Replacement Buildings0.03 MB
52.19Telecommunications Facility0.03 MB
52.18[No content/TIMBER PRODUCTION]0.03 MB
52.21Private Tennis Court0.03 MB
52.23Shared Housing0.02 MB
52.25Crematorium0.02 MB
52.24Community Care Unit0.02 MB
52.26[No content/CATTLE FEEDLOT]0.01 MB
52.27Licensed Premises0.03 MB
52.17 (schedule)Native Vegetation0.01 MB
52.04Satellite Dish0.02 MB
52.27 (schedule)Licensed Premises0.01 MB
52.22Crisis Accommodation0.02 MB
52.28Gaming0.03 MB
44.06 (schedule 2)Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) prior to 18 November 2011 Wildfire Management Overlay (WMO)0.03 MB
37.01 (schedule 3)Special Use Zone (SUZ)0.02 MB
52.30[No content/FREEWAY SERVICE CENTRE]0.03 MB
52.29Land Adjacent to a Road Zone, Category 1 or Public Acquisition Overlay for a Category 1 Road0.02 MB
52.33Post Boxes and Dry Stone Walls0.02 MB
52.32Wind Energy Facility0.05 MB
52.36Particular Provision0.01 MB
52.35Particular Provision0.01 MB
52.37 (schedule)Particular Provision0.08 MB
52.31[No content]0.02 MB
52.39Particular Provision0.03 MB
52.34Bicycle Facilities0.05 MB
52.41Particular Provision0.01 MB
52.40Particular Provision0.01 MB
52.38Particular Provision0.03 MB
52.43Particular Provision0.03 MB
52.44Particular Provision0.01 MB
52.43 (schedule)Particular Provision0.01 MB
52.46Particular Provision0.02 MB
52.45Particular Provision0.03 MB
52.48Particular Provision0.03 MB
52.37Particular Provision0.02 MB
54One dwelling on a lot0.03 MB
54.01Neighbourhood and site description and design response0.03 MB
54.03Site layout and building massing0.03 MB
54.02Neighbourhood character0.02 MB
54.04Amenity impacts0.14 MB
52.47Particular Provision0.08 MB
52.42Particular Provision0.04 MB
54.05On-site amenity and facilities0.08 MB
55Two or more dwellings on a lot and residential buildings0.03 MB
55.01Neighbourhood and site description and design response0.03 MB
54.06Detailed design0.03 MB
55.02Neighbourhood character and infrastructure0.03 MB
55.03Site layout and building massing0.04 MB
56.02Policy Implementation0.01 MB
56Residential subdivision0.03 MB
55.05On-site amenity and facilities0.08 MB
55.06Detailed design0.03 MB
56.01Subdivision Site and context description and design response0.03 MB
56.04Lot Design0.03 MB
56.03Livable and Sustainable Communities0.03 MB
55.04Amenity impacts0.14 MB
56.08Site Management0.02 MB
56.07Integrated Water Management0.03 MB
56.09Utilities0.03 MB
56.06Access and Mobility Management0.06 MB
61.01General Provision0.02 MB
61[No content/General Provisions]0.01 MB
60General Provisions (face sheet)0.01 MB
56.05Urban Landscape0.03 MB
61.01 (schedule)General Provision0.01 MB
61.02General Provision0.01 MB
61.02 (schedule)General Provision0.01 MB
61.03General Provision0.01 MB
61.04 (schedule)General Provision0.01 MB
61.03 (schedule)General Provision0.02 MB
61.04General Provision0.01 MB
61.06General Provision0.01 MB
61.05General Provision0.01 MB
63Existing Uses0.01 MB
64General Provisions For Use and Development of Land0.01 MB
66.06 (schedule)Notice of permit applications under local provisions0.01 MB
65Decision Guidelines0.01 MB
66Referrals and Notice Provisions0.01 MB
62General Exemptions0.01 MB
67Applications Under Section 96 of the Act0.01 MB
66.04 (schedule)Referral of permit applications under local provisions0.03 MB
70Operational Provisions0.01 MB
71Operation of this Planning Scheme0.02 MB
73Meaning of Terms0.02 MB
75Definitions0.01 MB
72Administration and Enfprcement of this Planning Scheme0.04 MB
810.01 MB
74Strategic Implementation0.41 MB
800.01 MB
81.010.21 MB
81.01 (schedule)0.01 MB
90VicSmart0.02 MB
93.01VicSmart0.03 MB
92VicSmart0.08 MB
93.03VicSmart0.02 MB
91VicSmart0.03 MB
93.02VicSmart0.03 MB
93.05VicSmart0.03 MB
93.04VicSmart0.03 MB
93VicSmart0.01 MB
93.08VicSmart0.03 MB
93.10VicSmart0.03 MB
93.07VicSmart0.03 MB
93.11VicSmart0.01 MB
93.09VicSmart0.03 MB
94VicSmart0.01 MB
94 (schedule)VicSmart0.01 MB
93.06VicSmart0.02 MB
95VicSmart0.01 MB
95 (schedule)VicSmart0.01 MB
AmListAmendment List0.01 MB
List of AmsList of Amendments0.24 MB
93.12VicSmart0.02 MB
93.13VicSmart0.03 MB
11.07State Planning Policy Framework0.04 MB
11.10State Planning Policy Framework0.81 MB
55.07Apartment Developments0.07 MB
58Apartment Developments0.03 MB
58.01Urban context report and design response0.03 MB
58.02Urban context0.03 MB
58.03Site layout0.04 MB
58.04Amenity impacts0.03 MB
58.05On-site amenity and facilities0.03 MB
58.06Detail design0.03 MB
58.07Internal amenity0.03 MB
11Settlement0.02 MB
11.04State Planning Policy Framework0.03 MB
11.05State Planning Policy Framework0.03 MB
12Environmental and Landscape Values0.01 MB
12.01Biodiversity0.03 MB
12.02Coastal Areas0.03 MB
12.03Water Bodies and Wetlands0.03 MB
12.04Alpine Areas0.01 MB
12.05Significant Environments and Landscapes0.03 MB
13Environmental Risks and Amenity0.01 MB
13.01Climate change impacts0.02 MB
13.02Bushfire0.02 MB
13.03Floodplains0.03 MB
13.04Soil Degradation0.02 MB
13.05Noise0.03 MB
14Natural Resource Management0.01 MB
14.01Agriculture - Protection of Agricultural Land0.03 MB
14.02Water0.03 MB
14.03Earth and Energy Resources0.03 MB
15Built Environment and Heritage0.02 MB
15.01Urban Environment - Urban Design0.04 MB
15.02Sustainable Development0.01 MB
15.03Heritage0.03 MB
16Housing0.01 MB
16.01Residential Development - Integrated Housing0.03 MB
16.02State Planning Policy Framework0.03 MB
17Economic Development0.01 MB
17.01Employment - Diversified Economy0.01 MB
17.02Commercial - Business0.03 MB
17.03Industry - Industrial Land Supply0.03 MB
18Transport0.01 MB
18.01Integrated transport - Land Use and Transport Planning0.03 MB
18.02Movement Networks0.03 MB
18.03Ports0.03 MB
18.04Airports0.03 MB
18.05Freight0.02 MB
19Infrastructure0.01 MB
19.01Energy0.02 MB
19.02Community infrastructure0.01 MB
19.03Development infrastructure0.04 MB
62.01Uses not requiring a permit0.02 MB
62.02Buildings and works0.03 MB
62.03Events on public land0.02 MB
62.04Subdivisions not requiring a permit0.02 MB
62.05Demolition0.01 MB
63.01Extent of existing use rights0.02 MB
63.02Characterisation of use0.01 MB
63.03Effect of definitions on existing use rights0.01 MB
63.04Section 1 uses0.01 MB
63.05Section 2 and 3 uses0.02 MB
63.06Expiration of existing use rights0.02 MB
63.07Compliance with codes of practice0.02 MB
63.08Alternative use0.01 MB
63.09Shop conditions0.02 MB
63.10Damaged or destroyed buildings or works0.01 MB
63.11Proof of continuous use0.02 MB
63.12Decision guidelines0.01 MB
64.01Land used for more than one use0.01 MB
64.02Land used in conjunction with another use0.02 MB
64.03Subdivision of land in more than one zone0.02 MB
65.01Approval of an application or plan0.02 MB
65.02Approval of an application to subdivide land0.02 MB
66.01Subdivision referrals0.03 MB
66.02Use and development referrals0.05 MB
66.03Referral of permit applications under other State standard provisions0.03 MB
66.04Referral of permit applications under local provisions0.01 MB
66.05Notice of permit applications under State standard provisions0.03 MB
66.06Notice of permit applications under local provisions0.01 MB
67.01Exemptions from Section 96(1) and 96(2) of the Act0.01 MB
67.02Notice requirements0.02 MB
67.03Notice requirements - native vegetation0.01 MB
67.04Notice exemption0.01 MB
75.01Definitions0.01 MB
75.02Definitions0.01 MB
75.03Definitions0.01 MB
75.04Definitions0.01 MB
75.05Definitions0.01 MB
75.06Definitions0.01 MB
75.07Definitions0.01 MB
75.08Definitions0.01 MB
75.09Definitions0.01 MB
75.10Definitions0.01 MB
75.11Definitions0.02 MB
75.12Definitions0.01 MB
75.13Definitions0.01 MB
75.14Definitions0.01 MB
75.15Definitions0.01 MB
75.16Definitions0.01 MB
75.17Definitions0.01 MB
94.01VicSmart0.02 MB

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