Translation groups

The translation of LPPFs across the state will occur in stages, commencing with an initial group (Group 1) of planning schemes to test and refine the proposed methodology for the subsequent roll-out.

Following an assessment of the status of planning schemes across the state (including consideration of the currency of LPPF content, any live amendments that may impact the translation, and the timing of planning scheme reviews) particular planning schemes have been selected for the ‘Group 1’ translations. Translations are in progress for these councils, with Group 1 consisting of the following councils and their planning schemes:

  • Ballarat
  • Colac-Otway
  • Glenelg
  • Knox
  • Manningham
  • Moonee Valley
  • Murrindindi
  • Pyrenees
  • Swan Hill
  • Wangaratta
  • Whittlesea
  • Yarra

DELWP will be in contact with all councils to discuss the appropriate timing for each planning scheme.

Council translation initiatives

While we are encouraged by the eagerness of many councils to conduct the translation of their planning schemes as soon as possible, we do not encourage councils to undertake the translation themselves.

Mindful of the VPP Principles, including being user focused and consistent across the state, it is critical that the methodology for translations is uniform and repeatable (the principles are set out in the new document A Practitioner’s Guide to Victorian Planning Schemes).  The Smart Planning team developed the Planning Policy Framework and has the experience and capacity to expedite translations with councils.

We expect that major learnings from the initial translations will be applied to future translations.  The method, including the standards being applied and the process of implementation, may change as a result of the initial trial.  We would prefer to avoid any potential unproductive efforts on councils’ behalf.

There are ways that a council may prepare for their LPPF translation. These are set out in the  downloadable summary document Modernising the LPPF (PDF, 234.9 KB).

Page last updated: 18/12/18