This page will assist you in submitting an Exhibited amendment to the Department for Exhibition.



  • Council Planning Authority
  • Other planning Authorities


  • Have your amendment number ready
  • Status of the amendment must be Authorised


1. Log in to ATS Tracking

2. Use the Search Field in the ATS dashboard to find your amendment.

3. In the Action column of the amendment, click on the Choose Action dropdown menu and select Exhibition.

Note: If your amendment has not been authorised, you will not have access to this form.

The application will display and return to the Preliminary information page.1.

Sub Amnd for Exhib 01

Preliminary Information

4. Review and if required, edit the information.

5. Click Next page or click Affected land details in the menu.

Sub Amnd for Exhib 02

Affected land details

6. Review and if required, edit the information.

Note: You can request a map from the department by completing the Map amendment requests form.

7. Click Next page or click Exhibition information in the menu

Sub Amnd for Exhib 03

Exhibition Information

8. Select Yes or No for "is it a combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment (under Section 96A)"

Note: The Permit number and Estimated value of development fields will only appear when you select Yes for "the application is a combined planning permit application".

  • Notice date, which is when the amendment will appear in a Government Gazette.
  • Exhibition commencement date and Exhibition finishing date, which is the period that the application will be exhibited to the public.
  • Notice to individuals and authorities if required.

9. Click Next page or click Supporting documents in the menu.

Sub Amnd for Exhib 04

Supporting documents

10. Upload all relevant supporting documents under the correct heading by selecting Upload New. Use the “+“ or “-“ icon to add or remove documents.

Note: planning scheme content must be updated in ATS Authoring prior to submitting to the department.

11. Click Save

12 Click Next page or Submit your amendment in the menu.

Sub Amnd for Exhib 05

Submit your amendment

13. Click Submit

Sub Amnd for Exhib 06

Page last updated: 17/12/20