Important requirement

The status of the amendment must be ‘Adopted’. See the guide ‘Inserting Planning Authority Adoption outcome (Exhibited)’ for further details on adopting an amendment.


This guide will assist the users of ATS, specifically:

  • Council Planning Authority
  • Other Planning Authorities


1. From the dashboard, locate the amendment and select the amendment number.

ATS Tracking dashboard selecting the amendment number

2. You will be taken to the 'Notice of Adoption and Approval Application Form'.

3. Review the 'Preliminary information' details.

4. Select the right-pointing arrow to progress through each page of the application form or click the save icon and entering a file name.

Adoption and Approval form preliminary information

5. Check the 'Affected land' details, listing the properties where the amendment applies. Ensure the 'Details of Amendment (A)' and 'Details of amendment (B)' are fully completed and accurate. Continue through to the next page by selecting the right-pointing arrow or save.

Amendment approval form affected land details

6. At the 'Amendment changes' page, enter a detailed description of what the amendment is proposing including reference to the names of schedules or mapping changes.

7.  Include a list of amendments description for the planning scheme(s) (not a compulsory field).

Approval form entering amendment changes details

8. Complete all other pages of the form, ensuring all Prescribed Information is completed and relevant documents uploaded where applicable.

approval form entering prescribed information

9. At the 'Amendment Fees' page, select how payment will be made and complete accordingly.

approval form processing amendment fees

10. At the 'Support documents' page, upload any supporting documents.

11. To replace any previously uploaded documents, tick the document and select clear selection then select 'Upload New' to be taken to the uploading file window.

approval form uploading supporting documents

12. At the 'Submit your amendment page', complete the checklist and confirm that information provided is true and correct. Select 'Submit'.

approval form to submit to department for approval

13. Once submitted, you will be returned to the Dashboard where the amendment will have a status of ‘Approval Under Consideration’.

ATS Tracking dashboard showing change in amendment status to Approvla Under Consideration

14. The primary contact for the amendment at the Planning Authority will receive an email with a PDF of the application form attached.

Email received after submitting the notice of adoption and approval application form.

Page last updated: 07/05/21