When you are in an amendment document authoring ordinance, if you see the message ‘Master Content has changed since last synchronize’ it means there have been changes to the master document (i.e ordinance) and you are not working from the most up to date version from the planning scheme.

If you see this message;

  • Stop working on the ordinance
  • Apply the refresh amendment workflow to the entire amendment document.  This will provide a new baseline for the content sections where the message appears.
  • Re-insert your changes back into the refreshed content (see how the Track Changes and Merge Mode functionality can be used to assist with this process.)

Refresh message on ordinance

If you are the contact for an amendment, you may have also received an email advising you that your amendment has been affected by the recent gazettal of another amendment.  It is important to take note of this email to see what changes have been made to the planning scheme that has affected the amendment you are working on.

System email advising amendment affected by a recent gazettal


  • Council Planning Authority
  • Council Administrator
  • Department Planner
  • Department SSS Planning Support


1. With the amendment document open, select the Amendment Heading. Selecting this will apply the workflow to the entire amendment document but will only affect those sections where the message appears.

2. From the Actions menu, select Tasks and Apply Workflow.

Accessing the Tasks to run a workflow

3. Type in ‘Refresh’ into the search box and select ‘Refresh Amendment’.

4. Select the plus (+) sign to add the workflow into the listing.

5. Select Apply.

Selecting and running the refresh amendment workflow

6. A message will appear very briefly on screen advising that the Workflow has been applied.

Confirmation message that refresh has been applied.

7. Refresh the web browser tab to see the updated content. (Windows users can select F5 of their keyboard).

8. You will receive an email to let you know the refresh has been applied to the amendment document. The email will include a listing of the ordinance that has had the content refreshed with a new baseline version.

Email after refresh workflow is run

9. You will also see details of the amendment number and gazettal date of the last amendment that made a change to the ordinance.

New details showing amendment number and gazettal datte

10. If your amendment includes ordinance that has been deleted by another gazetted amendment, an alert will appear on screen advising you to change your amendment to remove the instruction. (See create or edit an instruction list in ATS Tracking, Remove an item from amendment instruction list).

11. If you were working on changes before you performed the refresh, those changes will not be visible in the new version however they will have been saved in a previous version.  The changes will need to be reinserted into the refreshed content. See ‘View saved versions, track changes and merge’ for details on how changes can be reinserted into refreshed content.

Page last updated: 01/12/21