Important requirement

Status of the amendment must be ‘Submissions Under Assessment’


This guide will assist the users of ATS, specifically:

  • Council Planning Authority
  • Other Planning Authorities


1. Login to ATS Tracking.

2. From the Dashboard screen, locate the amendment that is being adopted. The Search tool can be used if needed by entering the amendment number.

3. Select Choose Action and from the drop-down options, select 'Adoption'.

ATS Tracking dashboard selecting the amendment

4. Enter the 'Date of Adoption'.

5. Upload a correctly named council/planning authority resolution.

6. Provide a brief description of the proposed Amendment.

Update the adoption form

7. Review all details under the 'Preliminary Information' form and update as required. Scroll to the end of the form and select 'Submit'.

Updating preliminary information and submit form

8. From the dashboard, the status of the amendment will show as ‘Adopted’.

NOTE! The amendment has not yet been submitted to the department for approval.

Follow the next steps to submit the amendment for approval

dashboard view showing amendment as adopted.

Page last updated: 07/05/21