This page will assist you in submitting an amendment for Authorisation.


  • Council Planning Authority
  • Other Planning Authorities


  • You need to have created an amendment before doing this step.
  • You can save your progress at any time by clicking the Save icon Save Icon on the right hand side of the screen.


1. Login to ATS Tracking

2. Use the Search Field in the ATS dashboard to find your amendment.

Note: Use the Planning Scheme suffix at the end of the amendment number.

3. Click on the Amendment number to open it.

You will be taken to the Preliminary Information page.

Submit Amd For Auth 01

4. Click the Next Page icon or click Affected land details.

Note: Ensure the Preliminary information is page is filled out before continuing.

Submit Amd For Auth 02

Affected land details

5. Enter the Street address or complete the Informal land description section.

Note: You can use the “+“ or “-“ icon to add or remove properties, if the application affects more than one property.

6. Click Upload New to upload a Map file, list of properties or other land description files.

7. Click Save.

8. Click Next Page or Details of amendment (A) in the menu

Submit Amd For Auth 03

Details of amendment (A)

9. Select the Amendment Category/s relating to the draft amendment.

Note: Once you have completed step 9, skip to step 13 if you don’t need an exemption.

10. If you are seeking exemption from any of the requirements under section 20(1) of the act, click on the exemption form link. This opens up the Details of exemption request page

Submit Amd For Auth 04

Submit Amd For Auth 05

11. Fill out the Details of exemption request

12. Click Submit

Add Extension Request on Submission

13. Select Yes or No for the 4 criteria listed under Combined permit amendment:

14. Click Next Page or Details of amendment (B) in the menu

Submit Amd For Auth 07

Details of amendment (B)

15. Select Yes or No relating to the application for the 5 questions.

16. Select Next Page or Exhibition information from the menu

Submit Amd For Auth 08

Exhibition Information

17. Fill out information under Government gazette and Notice to individuals, authorities & others.

Note: if the application is related to more than one date, use the “+“ or “-“ icon to add or remove rows

18. Click Next Page or Supporting documents from the menu.

Submit Amd For Auth 09

Supporting Documents

19. Upload all relevant supporting documents under the correct heading by selecting Upload New. Use the “+“ or “-“ icon to add or remove documents.

Note: planning scheme content must be updated in ATS Authoring prior to submitting to the department.

20. Click Save

21. Click Next page or Submit your amendment in the menu.

Submit Amd For Auth 10

Submit your amendment

Ensure you are using the correct template and also check the document checklist to ensure all required documents have been attached.

22. Click Submit to finalise your amendment application.

After clicking submit:

  • You will receive a notification email, including a copy of the application and a list of submitted documentation.

Submit Amd For Auth 11

Page last updated: 18/12/20