Introduction: This page will take you through the steps for splitting an amendment into different parts.

  • An amendment can be split after being exhibited.
  • When an amendment is split, the original amendment will be retained as a parent but will no longer be able to be worked on
  • Where proposed changes are being made to ordinance, any work that had been completed in ATS Authoring (Keystone) prior to the split will need to be actioned again in the new split part/s


  • Council Planning Authority or other submitting Planning Authority
  • Council Administrator
  • Department Planner


1. Whilst in the ATS Tracking (Intelledox) dashboard, locate the amendment requiring the split and select Choose Action, Split.

Navigate to the split function

2. Enter the required number of splits, the date and check the box 'Select Yes to proceed' . Select Submit.

Enter the details for the split

3. Once split, the dashboard will show the split amendments.

4. Each amendment will need to have its details updated, including any instruction items and their actions where the amendment is proposing changes to ordinance. The orginal amendment document in ATS Authoring (Keystone) will still be available should you wish to simply copy and paste proposed changes into the amendment document of the split part.

Dashboard showing split amendments

Page last updated: 05/09/22