This page will assist you in creating an Amendment number in ATS Tracking.

  • Council Planning Authority
  • Other Planning Authorities


You can save your progress at any time by hitting save  Save Icon on the right side of the screen.


1. Log in to ATS Tracking

2. Click Create amendment.

You will be taken to the Preliminary Information page.

Create Amendment button to click

3. In the Brief Description Field enter a short summary of the proposal (three to five lines). Use standard terms where possible. For example ‘Implement [study]’/‘Rezone [land]’/‘Apply [control]’ … ‘to facilitate/enable/guide…’.

4. Select the type of amendment.  

5. Select the amendment classification.  Note: Ensure you select the correct classification as it affects the stages the amendment goes through and can only ever be changed if the amendment has a status of 'Draft'.

6. Select what the amendment contains. You can only select one option

Required fields to be completed on the form

7. The Planning authority details and Planning authority contact details sections will be auto-populated based on your ATS profile and cannot be edited:

8. If you are initiating the draft application on behalf of another party, update the Proponent field.  Leave blank if initiated by council.

9. Click Begin application to continue. This will create a draft amendment.

Additional fields required to be filled in.

10. You will now be returned to the ATS Tracking Dashboard where your proposed amendment will appear in the In progress amendment list as a draft.

Amendment listing screen

Page last updated: 11/06/20