ATS Authoring is the drafting element of the Amendment Tracking System (ATS) and allows planning authorities such as councils to draft planning scheme amendments online.

Through ATS, councils can already lodge, track and pay for planning schemes. The introduction of the drafting function is the final piece of the ATS jigsaw.

ATS Authoring Rollout

Planning schemes are being migrated via a monthly rollout beginning with regional groups of planning schemes. The new format planning scheme implemented by a planning scheme amendment. The migration started in October 2018 and is proposed to run until mid-2019.

ATS rollout schedule

Our handy map below shows the status of the rollout for each planning scheme (PDF, 42.4 KB). We’ll be updating it every month.

Map of Victoria displaying ATS Authoring Council Planning Schemes migration plans

Each migration will move the planning scheme into a digital database. While rollouts are still in progress, planning schemes will continue to be produced in a PDF format. From July 2019, after all planning schemes have been migrated, they will also be available in HTML form on the website.

Are you a planning authority planner that can draft an amendment in ATS? Watching our how-to videos can help you get started in ATS Authoring.

ATS Authoring how-to videos

Page last updated: 17/12/2018