ATS Authoring Rollout

Planning schemes are being migrated into the ATS authoring digital database via a monthly migration of approximately 10 planning schemes. The migration started in October 2018 and is proposed to run until mid-2019. These new format planing scheme are implemented through a planning scheme amendment. During this period there can be no gazette on an amendment to a scheme. Other amendment activities such as authorisation, exhibition, and panels can continue.

Initially, planning schemes will be produced in PDF format. After the migration process they will also be made available as webpage content on the website.

After a planning scheme has been migrated into the ATS system, all amendments to planning provisions must be processed using ATS Authoring.

Adjustment to the ATS Authoring rollout schedule – March 2019

The rollout schedule for 10 planning schemes has been adjusted. This has been done in consultation with the affected planning authorities, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and DELWP. The following changes have been made:

  • Knox, Maroondah, Monash and Whitehorse planning schemes will be migrated in April 2019
  • Cardinia, Casey, Melton and Yarra planning schemes will be migrated in May 2019
  • Hume and Mitchell planning scheme will be migrated in June 2019.

Council Planning Schemes migrated to ATS authoring

Our handy map shows the status of the rollout for each planning scheme. We'll be updating it every month.

ATS Authoring Resources

The interim publish function

Login to the interim publish function of ATS

The interim publish function allows a registered user who is drafting amendment provisions to view and create a PDF. It will:

  • Produce a PDF of the draft provisions to show how the amendments would look in the final publication. Useful for exhibition of an amendment or for attaching draft provisions to reports
  • Create a draft provision in context with the whole provision. For example, if the amendment only modifies words in Section 3.0 of a local Schedule the PDF will show the whole schedule based on the current, master copy of the planning scheme and include the draft changes
  • Allow users to create a ‘clean’ and ‘tracked changes’ version of the provisions.

A how-to video detailing the interim publish function is provided on this page.

NOTE: The ATS Refresh function allows users to update the draft provisions from the current master copy of the planning scheme at any time. More details are in the how to refresh draft amendment provisions video on this page.

How to use ATS authoring videos

Watch the videos below to learn how to use ATS authoring:

Accessing ATS Authoring and choosing provisions to draft

Drafting provisions in ATS Authoring (Keystone Objective program)

Reviewing, Publishing and Refreshing the draft provisions

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