ATS Upgrade August 2020

ATS Tracking Enhancements (Intelledox) include:

  • Instruction list validation – occurs when adding Instruction list items. Users will now see an error message advising them of conflicting Instruction List items. Users will need to rectify all conflicts prior to submitting to ATS Authoring.

Instruction List Validation

  • Instruction List shows the Parent name relating to each amended ordinance.

Instruction List Parent Name

  • Planning Authorities can now submit a draft amendment to the Department for review. This enables the Department to review the amendment in ATS Authoring and return to the Planning Authority with comments.
  • Ability for the Planning Authority to multi-select planning schemes when creating GC Amendments.
  • Renaming and relocating Instruction List buttons to improve usability.
  • Automatic email notifications to Planning Authority advising them when ordinance is ready for editing, avoiding the need to wait and refresh.
  • Correction to Extensions and Exemptions options available for selection.
  • Date and time stamp automatically appear on submitted Application forms.

ATS Authoring Enhancements (Keystone) include:

  • Interim publish folder automatically created for all new amendments.
  • Amended ordinance displayed in numerical order for all new amendments and those where the instruction list is resubmitted. Deleted and excluded ordinance are displayed at the bottom of the list.

Page last updated: 11/08/20