What's new?

All updates and new enhancements to the Amendment Tracking System can be found on this page.

A release is scheduled for deployment to the Amendment Tracking System - Authoring (Keystone) on Tuesday 14th December from 6 PM.

The release includes changes to Keystone Interim Publish to improve functionality which allows users to filter what is included in an Interim Publish by selecting:

1. One or all planning schemes in that amendment
option for planning scheme

2. One or all instructions in that amendment
Select for an instruction item

This new feature is useful where the user only wants to run the Interim Publish for a small part of the amendment, enabling the user to;

  • Select to produce a set of documents for a single planning scheme – useful for VC or GC amendments where a re-print is needed only for the updated ordinance in a single planning scheme, or
  • Select to produce a set of documents for a single ordinance that is being changed – useful where a re-print is needed for an updated ordinance

Using the feature to re-print Interim Publish documents will greatly reduce the size of information processed by Keystone for large amendments and will reduce the queue waiting time for other amendments (e.g. C amendments).

Improvements have also been introduced to reduce the chance of running an Interim Publish multiple times. User’s will now be required to acknowledge an Interim Publish has been run, and will also be advised clearly in the interface that the Interim Publish has run.

Confirmation message of interim publish request

Confirming interim publish request recieved

Refer to the user guide - Generate an Interim Publish and compare to other saved versions

Further Information

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding this release, please contact Planning Support via email planning.support@delwp.vic.gov.au.

A release to Amendment Tracking System, in particular ATS Authoring, scheduled for 6pm Tuesday 23rd November includes additional alerts to flag when ordinance in one amendment is deleted by the gazettal of another amendment.

Changes include:

  • A notification in the amendment document in Keystone that Master Content has changed since last synchronizewhen content in your amendment is deleted by another gazetted amendment

Example - Master content

  • A new message will appear in Keystone after a refresh workflow is applied where ordinance has been deleted:

Example - message

What's new?

The release to Amendment Tracking System, in particular ATS Authoring, scheduled for 6pm Friday 24th September 2021 includes image restriction functionality when uploading into ordinance.

Only images that meet the following criteria will be able to be uploaded into the ordinance when authoring:

  • Files must be PNG, JPG or TIFF file types,
  • less than 3MB in size, AND
  • must not be a PDF file type.

Where files do not meet the above criteria, the user will receive an error message and not be able to upload the file.

What's new?

The latest Amendment Tracking System changes improve visibility for amendments submitted to the department from amendment status ‘Awaiting Modification (Exhibition)’ by the Planning Authority. The amendments will now appear in the Planning Managers queue and dashboard.

ATS update April 2021 features

The changes also introduce new email notifications and mandatory fields. Amendments that have passed the allowed time in certain statuses will trigger email notifications to the Executive and Planners.

A new amendment tab called ‘Status Update’ and fields to provide comments to the Minister, Executive and Planners will also be mandatory.

Notification and mandatory fields will be triggered when status timer expires:

  • Under Assessment for 40 days
  • Awaiting Modification for 30 days
  • Further Review for 30 days

The latest ATS Tracking and Authoring enhancements were released on (October 14, 2020).

These enhancements include some new features, updated user interface (Authoring) and improved validation to new planning scheme amendments.

ATS Authoring (Keystone) Enhancements include:

  • New interface with a modern design, refreshed colour palette and standard set of icons to improve navigation and accessibility.
  • The main menu is now fixed to the left panel with icons for accessing key parts of the system.
The main menu is now fixed to the left panel with icons for accessing key parts of the system.
  • A new look and feel to dashboard and across all tabs (e.g. Edit, Publish, Review).
new look publish tab
ATS new look screen
  • Standard icons have been applied throughout the system to provide a consistent user experience.
  • ATS standard icons
  • The Action menu has been simplified with easy to use icons and hover over text to describe each action.
  • Hidden controls are displayed for easy access to actions when a user hovers over content section
    (Note: If these controls are not shown automatically, ensure Settings have ‘Show Controls’ checked).
  • ATS Hidden controls menu
  • New display modes to easily identify status of content when browsing and editing:
    • Select mode - blue line on left of content only
    • Edit mode - blue lines of both sides of content, dark blue menu in table of content and shadow box around whole content block
    • Open in New Tab – button added to open amendment in a new tab
ATS selected content
ATS content open to edit
  • When inserting an image into the document, the user is immediately taken to the amendment folder.
  • Master Content has been changed’ banner now appears in both the Edit and Review tabs.
ATS Tracking (Intelledox) Enhancements include:
  • Improved Instruction List validation checks when using the ‘ALL’ ordinance type.
    • Users prevented from incorrectly labelling clauses and sub-clauses in the Instruction List.

These enhancements to ATS were released on August 2020.

ATS update August 2020 features

  • Instruction list validation – occurs when adding Instruction list items. Users will now see an error message advising them of conflicting Instruction List items. Users will need to rectify all conflicts prior to submitting to ATS Authoring.Instruction List Validation
  • Instruction List shows the Parent name relating to each amended ordinance.Instruction List Parent Name
  • Planning Authorities can now submit a draft amendment to the Department for review. This enables the Department to review the amendment in ATS Authoring and return to the Planning Authority with comments.
  • Ability for the Planning Authority to multi-select planning schemes when creating GC Amendments.
  • Renaming and relocating Instruction List buttons to improve usability.
  • Automatic email notifications to Planning Authority advising them when ordinance is ready for editing, avoiding the need to wait and refresh.
  • Correction to Extensions and Exemptions options available for selection.
  • Date and time stamp automatically appear on submitted Application forms.

ATS Authoring Enhancements (Keystone) include:

  • Interim publish folder automatically created for all new amendments.
  • Amended ordinance displayed in numerical order for all new amendments and those where the instruction list is resubmitted. Deleted and excluded ordinance are displayed at the bottom of the list.

Contacting Planning Support

Planning Support have moved to a new MS Teams solution for their 1800 number and phone support which addresses a number of concerns raised regarding contacting the Support Team.

Planning Support have also updated their Ticketing System to send a confirmation email with a support request number (e.g. PSS-####) immediately on receipt of a request email. If you don’t receive this, then please try again or contact us via phone.

You can contact Planning Support on 1800 789 386.

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