The Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS) collects planning permit activity data. Where possible Victorian councils have built interfaces and/or integrations with PPARS for the automated submission of data. The system comprises an API, UI and data validation (business rules) engine.

This system is only relevant for Victorian councils. No access to any component of the system is provided outside of this context; reporting and data releases are managed independently.

Login to the reporting system

Integration support and documentation

Documentation supporting the implementation of integration to PPARS is available at the planning permit activity reporting system integration support knowledge base. This content is only provided to responsible authorities and vendors with active agreements with a responsible authority.

For access, please contact Planning Support.


Data dictionary and quick reference sheet

The data dictionary standardises the recording of planning data by councils once necessary changes to council software systems are made. See the data dictionary and quick reference sheet below for more information.

System enhancements

As part of the digital planning reforms, DELWP is upgrading the PPARS system to improve the collection and reporting of planning permit activity data from Victorian councils.

The first stage of this upgrade is publicly releasing a new interactive reporting dashboard, making it easier to access and understand Planning Permit Activity in Victoria.

About the system

The availability of statistical data on planning permit activity enables the identification of trends in planning permit applications. It assists in identifying problems in the planning system and provide useful information to councils to assist with organisational resource management.

The system began live operation in May 2007. The first live data submissions were received at the beginning of August 2007 for the month of July.

User access

Only approved staff from Victorian Responsible Authorities may be granted access to the PPAR system. Please contact Planning Support to request access.

PPARS returns

A Data Return, or simply a ‘Return’, is an XML file containing all of the planning permit application data for a Responsible Authority for a whole period (one calendar month).

No. Each Responsible Authority must submit a Return every month, covering the complete previous calendar month.

State-wide Reporting is are published on the department website, so the data from every council must to be kept up to date.

Yes. PPARS has provided councils with an Excel spreadsheet, which must be sent manually (emailed) to the Planning Support on a monthly basis for upload to PPARS. This method of submission is not recommended.

More information

If you have any questions or need further information, get in touch via the contact details below.

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