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PPARS reports have been updated with new dashboards released. New report dashboards are available.
The December 2022 and Q2 22/23 reports are the final reports to be generated in the legacy format. Please contact the Planning Support team with any concerns regarding the new format.
Legacy reports will be removed in the coming months.

Statewide planning permit activity

The permit activity occurring within each local government area is aggregated to provide a statewide summary position.

Statewide report

Planning permit activity by metropolitan and rural Victoria

Information is aggregated to provide a perspective on metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria.

Planning permit activity by subgroup

Compare three metropolitan and three rural subgroups that have similar planning activity or geography.

Planning permit activity by municipality

The level, nature and scale of activity varies across the many municipalities in the state, reflecting different locational, social, economic, environmental and historical situations.

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