These statistics are based on quarterly data submitted to the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS) by 80 Victorian responsible authorities.

PPARs reports are subject to change as data is submitted by responsible authorities. Data sourced from PPARs should reference the report 'generated date' and statement of data accuracy which notes if any responsible authorities data is missing.

PPARs applies data checks in the form of 'business rules' to all data submitted for consistency. The validity of data relies on responsible authority systems, data entry and accurate submissions to PPARs.

Reports are generated on the 15th day of the month following the report period (or next business day). Planning Support will update reports with late submissions from responsible authorities on request.

These reports cover planning permit activity for the state. The data is aggregated and can be presented at four levels:

  • statewide activity
  • activity in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • activity across six sub-regions, including three metropolitan groups and three regional groupings
  • individual planning scheme activity.

Planning Permit Activity in Victoria in Q1 2022-23

  • The number of applications received by responsible authorities was 12,014 a decrease of 4.2% on last quarter.
  • The number of decisions made on applications was 12,223 a decrease of 2.1% on last quarter.
  • Planning permits were issued for an estimated $35.9 billion in estimated cost of works.
  • 60.7% of non-VicSmart applications were decided within sixty days.
  • 315 applications were determined at VCAT.

This summary was prepared at the first generation of this quarterly report; at that time the following responsible authorities had not provided data to PPARs for the period of this report:

Central Goldfields, Hepburn, Hindmarsh, Indigo, Minister for Planning, Mitchell, Moonee Valley, Mount Alexander, Northern Grampians, Port Phillip, Wellington, Yarriambiack

List of planning schemes included in regions and subregions (PDF, 266.2 KB)

Previous Quarterly reports

  • Quarterly activity reports have been published since 2004. In 2012, the Department moved to solely online publication of the data.
  • Report links will open the latest generated report (the previous month); previous reports can be viewed by using the date selectors.

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Statewide planning permit activity

The permit activity occurring within each local government area is aggregated to provide a statewide summary position.

Statewide report

Planning permit activity by metropolitan and rural Victoria

Information is aggregated to provide a perspective on metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria.

Planning permit activity by subgroup

Compare three metropolitan and three rural subgroups that have similar planning activity or geography.

Planning permit activity by municipality

The level, nature and scale of activity varies across the many municipalities in the state, reflecting different locational, social, economic, environmental and historical situations.

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