Data requests

The Data Request User Guide is a comprehensive document created to assist anyone looking to request data from the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS). It includes detailed descriptions of all data elements contained in the system, and how best to formulate a request using them.

Formal requests for data can be made using the PPARS Data Request Form, found in Appendix B of the Data Request User Guide below. This form should be edited, saved and then emailed back to the PPARS administrator. It is also recommended you download the PPARS Return Data Sheet as a quick reference when filling out the form.

A minimum of ten business days is normally required to fulfill a data request. Please take this into consideration when making detailed requests.

All data remains the property of the Responsible Authority that provided it. It is subject to privacy considerations; some data may only be available in aggregate, while other detailed data may be unavailable for some data requests.

Recent upgrades were made to the system, which introduced new fields and streamlined some existing ones. The new data set is detailed in the document below.

More Information

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Page last updated: 12/02/19