This is the fourteenth annual report on planning permit activity in Victoria. A detailed summary of statistical information for the 2016-17 financial year, the data is provided by the 79 local government authorities, the Minister for Planning and the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal.

This annual report covers information for the state aggregated and consistently presented at four levels:

  • state
  • metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria
  • three metropolitan and three rural/regional subregions
  • the 82 individual planning schemes.

The information in this annual report includes:

  • the number of permit applications received and decided
  • the number of permit applications reviewed at VCAT
  • the estimated cost of works for permits issued
  • the value of fees for applications received
  • the time to process permits and the number processed within sixty days
  • the number of permits that required further information requests, public notice, referral or involved submissions
  • the number of permits by category
  • changes in land use
  • comparison information with previous years and across schemes.

Please note the following:

  • The figures in this annual report do not contain data from Hepburn Shire Council.

Planning Permit Activity Report

This Planning Permit Activity Report presents four levels of data, a list of the planning schemes that comprise each level of reporting can be viewed here (PDF, 266.2 KB).

Statewide planning permit activity

The permit activity occurring within each local government area is aggregated to provide a statewide summary position.

Statewide report

Planning permit activity by metropolitan and rural Victoria

Information is aggregated to provide a perspective on metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria.

Planning permit activity by subgroup

Compare three metropolitan and three rural subgroups that have similar planning activity or geography.

Planning permit activity by planning scheme

Mostly a planning scheme aligns with a local government's area, however there are separate planning schemes for Alpine Resorts, Port of Melbourne and French and Sandstone Islands. The level, nature and scale of activity varies across the 82 planning schemes in the state, reflecting different locational, social, economic, environmental and historical situations.

Overview of Planning Permit Activity in Victoria in 2016-17

For the 2016-17 year:

  • the number or applications received was 56,012, a decrease of 6% on 2015-16
  • the number of applications decided was 54,182, a decrease of 4% on 2015-16
  • the estimated cost of works for planning permits issued was $29.6 billion, a decrease of 11.7% on 2015-16
  • 62% of applications were decided within sixty days, a decrease of 2% on 2015-16
  • 81% of VicSmart applications were decided within ten business days, a decrease of 3.3% on 2015-16
  • permits issued for new dwellings provided for an estimated increase of 50,897 new dwellings
  • permits issued for subdivision provided for an estimated 59,151 new lots
  • 16% of permits issued involved a change in land use; most of these to a residential use.

Permit applications and decisions across Victoria

Permit activity varies between metropolitan and rural Victoria and between the subgroups within these areas.

  Total permit applications received Total permit applications decided
Victoria 59,729 56,012 -6% 56,403 54,182 -4%
Metropolitan region 43,074 40,148 -7% 40,206 38,296 -5%
Inner and middle urban 26,153 24,063 -8% 23,859 22,839 -4%
Outer urban 11,309 10,705 -5% 10,974 10,373 -5%
Growth areas 5,612 5,380 -4% 5,373 5,084 -5%
Rural region 16,655 15,864 -5% 16,197 15,886 -2%
Peri-urban 4,647 4,839 4% 4,509 4,707 4%
Regional City LGA's 6,490 5,898 -9% 6,294 6,022 -4%
Small and medium regional 5,518 5,127 -7% 5,394 5,157 -4%

List of planning schemes included in regions and subregions (PDF, 266.2 KB).

Permit application activity by scheme

This chart shows variation in permit activity by scheme. Click the image for an enlarged PDF of the chart.

Applications received during 2016-17 by planning scheme

Permit decisions by scheme

This chart shows the number of decisions made in each of the 82 planning scheme areas. Click the image for an enlarged PDF of the chart.

Applications received during 2016-17 by planning scheme

Dwelling related activity across Victoria

The following table shows permits  that relate to residential use:

 Total dwelling permits Total dwelling permits % total permits issued Permits for one dwelling Permits for multiple dwellings Total number of new dwellings
Victoria 12,508 12,508 26% 4,606 7,902 50,897
Metropolitan region 9,290 9,290 28% 2,144 7,146 45,098
Inner and middle urban 5,360 5,360 27% 673 4,687 35,425
Outer urban 2,757 2,757 31% 1,094 1,663 6,027
Growth areas 1,173 1,173 28% 377 796 3,646
Rural Region 3,218 3,218 22% 2,462 756 5,799
Peri-urban 1,184 1,184 28% 1,011 173 1,450
Regional city LGAs 1,080 1,080 19% 588 492 3,221
Small and medium regional 954 954 20% 863 91 1,128

Previous planning permit activity reports

Activity reports have been published annually since 2004. In 2012, the Department moved to solely online publication of the data; the previous year's report can be viewed here.

Reports produced in 2011 and prior are available to view or download in PDF format from the PPARS website.

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