The Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS) is an online system which supports the automated collection of standardised permit activity data on a monthly basis from 80 Victorian responsible authorities. Monitoring planning permit activity is a key part of improving Victoria's planning system.

The system has been collecting data electronically since July 2007 and uses this data to provide vital information to inform planning decisions, measure outcomes and improve services.

An integrated online reporting system for Victoria

The standardisation of data supports comparative analysis across councils and regions, and enables the creation of customised reports on virtually any data fields or sets.

The availability of statistical data on planning permit activity enables early identification of development industry trends, provides information on activity levels, factors affecting permit workload volumes for each council area and differences between and within metropolitan and rural areas across Victoria.

Trends can be analysed at various levels; by planning scheme, by metropolitan or rural areas, by selected scheme groupings or aggregated to a Victoria-wide picture of planning activity.

The Planning Permit Activity Reporting System produces a variety of publicly available reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Information collected from each council area includes:

  • what the permit applications are for
  • the value of the works proposed
  • how long they take to be processed
  • how many are advertised
  • how many have been referred to other agencies
  • how many objections have been received
  • trends in the numbers of applications and outcomes
  • and much more…

Council officers have access to detailed reports and can design their own custom reports for automatic generation every month.

Have your say on the future of PPARS reporting

The Planning Permit Activity Reporting System has been serving users online since 2007. The reports it produces enable their consumers to have insight on various facets related to planning permits. As part of improving the system and the data it collects and reports on, we would like to know your feedback in order to take it in consideration while going through our enhancement work and future roadmap.

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PPARS Data Dictionary and Quick Reference Sheet

The data dictionary standardises the recording of planning data by councils once necessary changes to council software systems are made. See the Data Dictionary and Quick Reference Sheet below for more information.

PPARS sub-regional groupings

PPARS reports provide data on a sub-regional level. A list and map of the planning schemes that comprise each grouping can be found in the information sheet below.

PPARS frequently asked questions

The following document is designed to answer the most common queries made regarding the use and functionality of the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System.

More Information

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