These statistics are based on quarterly data submitted to the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS) by 80 Victorian responsible authorities.

Note that as of publication, 85% of responsible authorities had submitted the Q2 2016-17 data. It does not contain data from Bayside, Buloke, Frankston, Gannawarra, Hepburn, Hindmarsh, Horsham, Mitchell, Moonee Valley, Northern Grampians, Port Phillip and Stonnington.

This report covers planning permit activity for the state. The data is aggregated and consistently presented at four levels:

  • statewide activity
  • activity in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • activity across six sub-regions, including three metropolitan groups and three regional groupings
  • individual planning scheme activity.

Planning Permit Activity Report

The Planning Permit Activity Report presents four levels of data, a list of the planning schemes that comprise each level of reporting can be viewed here (PDF, 266.2 KB).

Statewide planning permit activity

The permit activity occurring within each local government area is aggregated to provide a statewide summary position.

Planning permit activity by metropolitan and rural Victoria

Information is aggregated to provide a perspective on metropolitan Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria.

Planning permit activity by subgroup

Compare three metropolitan and three rural subgroups that have similar planning activity or geography.

Planning permit activity by municipality

The level, nature and scale of activity varies across the many municipalities in the state, reflecting different locational, social, economic, environmental and historical situations.

Overview of Planning Permit Activity in Victoria in Q2 2016-17

  • The number of applications received by responsible authorities was 13,453, a decrease of 13% on last quarter.
  • The number of decisions made on applications was 13,746, a decrease of 9% on last quarter.
  • Planning permits were issued for an estimated $6.4 billion in cost of works.
  • 65% of non-VicSmart applications were decided within sixty days, the same percentage as the last quarter.
  • 383 applications were determined at VCAT.
  • 9% of permits issued involved a change in land use; the majority of these to a Residential use.

List of planning schemes included in regions and subregions (PDF, 266.2 KB)

Dwelling related activity across Victoria

The following table identifies permit applications that relate to residential use:

Region or subgroupTotal dwelling permits issued Q2 2015-16Total dwelling permits issued Q2 2016-17 Percentage of total permits issuedPermits for one dwelling Permits for multiple dwellingsNet gain of new dwellingsTotal permits issued
Metropolitan region2646217128%510166111,4617778
Inner and middle urban1528124327%157108692104572
Outer urban79865530%27438113642164
Growth areas32027326%791948871042
Rural Region73683022%62420615983825
Regional city LGAs28629720%16113610881491
Small and medium regional21322518%202231871258

Application activity across Victoria

The following table tracks applications received and decided for this quarter and the previous years quarter:

Region or subgroup Applications received Q2 2015-16 Applications received Q2 2016-17 % Change Applications decided Q2 2015-16 Applications decided Q2 2016-17 % Change
Victoria15,30213,119-14 %15,30613,597-11 %
Metropolitan region112509335-17 %11,1119382-16 %
Inner and middle urban 68685494-20 %65825582-15 %
Outer urban 29452398-19 %30952534-18 %
Growth areas 143714430 %14341266-12 %
Rural Region40523784-7 %419542150 %
Peri-Urban108711243 %112012088 %
Regional city LGAs 16041482-8 %16471625-1 %
Small and medium regional 13611178-13 %14281382-3 %

Planning permit activity by scheme

The number of planning permit applications received during Q2 2016-17 by scheme, including previous quarters data. Click the image for an enlarged version of the chart.

Applications received during Q2 2016-17 by scheme

Download the planning permit activity data sheet (Excel, 11.1 KB)

Planning permit decisions by scheme

The number of planning permit application decisions made during Q2 2016-17 by scheme, including the number of applications active at the beginning of the quarter. Click the image for an enlarged version of the chart.

Application decisions made across the state during Q2 2016-17

Download the planning permit decisions data sheet (Excel, 10.9 KB).

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