The Government Land Standing Advisory Committee (GLSAC) was appointed in July 2015 to consider planning proposals for land owned, proposed to be owned in the future or to facilitate the delivery of priority projects by the Victorian Government.

Terms of reference

Committee members

  • Lester Townsend (Chair)
  • Dalia Cook (Deputy Chair)
  • Trevor McCullough (Deputy Chair)
  • Mandy Elliott (Deputy Chair)
  • Annabel Paul (Deputy Chair)
  • Elissa Bell
  • Meredith Gibbs
  • Sophie Handley
  • Prue Mansfield
  • Cazz Redding
  • Lynn Sweeney
  • Rob VInes.

Learn more about the members by reading their biographies (DOC, 63.0 KB)



The Minister for Planning refers sites in Tranches for the Committee's consideration.


Timing: minimum 6 weeks

The proposal for the site is placed on exhibition, including the relevant documentation and background reports. Submissions can be made during this period on Engage Victoria.

During Exhibition, the Committee holds a Public Information Session to enable the general public to ask questions about the proposal and process.

Public hearing

Timing: 4 weeks

Once the Committee has received all the submissions, a Public Hearing is held to provide submitters with an opportunity to be heard. This occurs roughly 20 business days after the close of exhibition.


Timing: 4 weeks

The Committee submits its report to the Minister for Planning within 20 business days from the last day of the hearing or the final date of any further submissions requested by the Committee during the hearings

Make a submission and find out more about the GLSAC process: Engage Victoria

Download information packs and Committee reports: Government Land Planning Service

More Information

If you have any questions or need further information, get in touch via the contact details below.

  • For information about the Government Land Planning service, please contact:
    Fast Track Government Land service
    ☎ Phone: (03) 8683 0901
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