The Planning group uses digital 3D modelling to assist government departments and agencies to visualise and test, in three dimensions, development proposals for places, buildings and infrastructure.

3D modelling can:

  • Test alternative scenarios for strategic sites, significant places and urban renewal areas
  • Visualise and assess a development proposal’s effect on its surroundings
  • Represent planning scheme overlays in three dimensions
  • Analyse a site to determine potential built form envelopes
  • Analyse the effect of a development proposal, including bulk, height, view lines and shadows.

3D modelling produces:

  • Realistic 3D visualisations
  • Videos, fly throughs and still image sequences
  • A visual 3D database of planning permits within the Central City
  • Data such as gross floor area, heights, and setbacks, to inform precinct and site capacity studies.

3D modelling helps effectively negotiate outcomes with proponents and stakeholders, and helps analyse development proposals thoroughly and accurately on a consistent platform.

Minister for Planning

3D models are required to be submitted for areas where the Minister for Planning is the Responsible Authority, as well as some key strategic sites. 3D modelling forms a key part of the assessment process for planning permits.

This Technical Advisory Note below provides guidance for submitting models.

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Page last updated: 13/10/22