Working together to unlock enterprise

In planning for Enterprise Precincts that align with changes in our economy and ways of working, there are many innovative approaches that can be utilised, including (but not limited to) the use of mechanisms such as:

  • Precinct governance models
  • Transport improvements
  • Public amenity upgrades
  • Creative uses of government land holdings
  • Supportive funding streams and business assistance programs
  • Aligned strategic planning policies and zoning
  • Events, place making and programming

Facilitating and coordinating the many mechanisms that can be utilised to realise Enterprise Precincts will require strong partnerships aligned with a shared vision of what can be achieved and a shared commitment to achieve it.

Together we can build on Victoria’s long and proud history as a State of production and innovation, embracing the next wave of opportunities to unlock enterprise in a changing economy.

Page last updated: 10/05/19