As part of the Smart Planning program's digital reform agenda, Victorian planning schemes will be available in HTML in 2020.

This new web format will differ in form and style to the existing PDF versions and will provide improved online searching, navigation, viewing of text and images, and better presentation on devices such as phones and tablets.

Publishing planning schemes in web format improves the accessibility of planning schemes through supporting screen readers.

The migration of planning schemes into the Amendment Tracking System (ATS) digital database has enabled the development of HTML planning schemes.

Features of HTML planning schemes

The new format planning scheme provides:

  • improved layout, presentation and accessibility
  • the ability to view 'head provisions' with its schedule for improved comprehension
  • a search option for quickly finding clause headings and an advanced search option that searches the whole planning scheme
  • an option to download the full PDF version of the planning scheme
  • easier to save and print sections of the planning scheme
  • improved efficiency and accuracy for amending and publishing planning schemes
  • significant reduction in manual processing effort and times for major VC amendments.

Below is a snap shot of what the new HTML planning scheme will look like. It is a draft only so there may be some changes to the final product before the new web format goes live.

Sample image of the new format planning scheme

Page last updated: 17/02/20