The government is considering making changes to the way that greyhound keeping and training facilities are managed in Victoria's planning system.

The submission period closed on 7 October 2016 and the department is currently considering submissions.


Statewide planning provisions for the greyhound industry, developed by the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP), increase planning certainty for participants, councils and the public. They address an inconsistent approach to planning for greyhound facilities across local government areas, and guide councils and applicants on how to ensure facilities are consistent with best practice.

The provisions are based on outcomes from a 2013 planning-led working group comprised of:

  • state government departments and agencies
  • local government representatives
  • greyhound racing industry representatives.

An acoustic study was commissioned by DELWP to inform the draft provisions.

DELWP is also undertaking this work as part of its participation in the government's Greyhound Racing and Welfare Reform Taskforce.

The taskforce is overseeing the implementation of two independent investigations into the greyhound racing industry. It is comprised of members from:

  • the Department of Justice and Regulation
  • the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
  • the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)
  • Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV).

Proposed changes to the planning requirements for greyhound facilities

The draft provisions set out objectives and related performance measures, and propose a three tiered approach to planning requirements:

Tier 1 – No permit required

No permit would be required, and objectives or performance measures would not need to be met where an owner: keeps and trains:

  • less than three racing dogs in the Rural Living (RLZ), Green Wedge A (GWAZ) and Rural Conservation (RCZ) zones
  • less than six dogs in the Green Wedge (GWZ), Farming (FZ) and Rural Activity (RAZ) zones.
Tier 2 – No permit required if the objectives and performance measures are met

No permit would be required if all objectives and performance measures were met where an owner keeps and trains:

  • three to 20 racing dogs in the RLZ, GWAZ and RCZ
  • six to 50 dogs in the GWZ, FZ and RAZ.
Tier 3 – Permit required

Facilities exceeding the number of dogs or not meeting all of the other performance measures would require a planning permit. Such an application would be assessed against the relevant objectives and performance measures and specific application requirements would apply.

Implementing the proposed changes

The Victoria Planning Provisions and affected planning schemes would be amended to:

View the proposed Rural Living Zone PDF, 53.88 KB or DOC, 66 KB
View the proposed Green Wedge A Zone PDF, 63.53 KB or DOC, 108 KB
View the proposed Rural Conservation Zone PDF, 55.49 KB or DOC, 85.5 KB
View the proposed Green Wedge Zone PDF, 64.17 KB or DOC, 1762 KB
View the proposed Farming Zone PDF, 62.76 KB or DOC, 100 KB
View the proposed Rural Activity Zone PDF, 60.42 KB or DOC, 95 KB

More information

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