Agricultural land at Lancefield, Victoria


Melbourne’s green wedge and peri-urban areas support Melbourne through food production, biodiversity, recreation, open space, natural resources, heritage and landscape conservation, and critical infrastructure provision.

Protecting the significant features and assets found in these areas is important for ongoing environmental, economic, cultural and health and wellbeing outcomes.

Proximity to Melbourne, the rapid pace of growth and change, and the range of other land uses competing for space, make these areas some of the most contested in the state

Beautiful and scenic rural landscapes near Melbourne are an attractive location for urban development and rural living. These urban uses compete with agriculture, resulting in the permanent loss of agricultural land and associated businesses.

Robust planning controls are needed to maintain the benefits provided by green wedge and peri-urban areas and manage land use to support
long term agricultural use that serves the needs of Melbourne’s growing population.

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Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


This project responds to a key Victorian Government election commitment to permanently protect the green wedges against overdevelopment through tightened statutory planning controls. The commitment calls for clearly defined permitted land uses, determining the appropriate size and scale of uses within the non-urban setting, and permanent planning controls and legislation to protect and support strategic agricultural land.

The project also delivers on key Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 actions, including:

  • Action 17 (Supporting Strategic Planning for Agriculture), which recognises the importance of supporting sustainable agricultural land and protecting the right to farm in key locations in Melbourne’s green wedges and peri-urban areas.
  • Action 72 (Review Green Wedge Planning Provisions) , which aims to ensure the green wedge planning provisions support Plan Melbourne outcomes for green wedges.

And contributes to delivery of:

Action 73 (Green Wedge Management Plans) which seeks to support local governments in preparing and implementing Green Wedge Management Plans in order to protect the important values of Melbourne’s green wedges.

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Further consultation on how to improve planning for Melbourne's green wedges and agricultural land is planned for early-mid 2020.

Status: Closed

Planning for Melbourne's green wedges and agricultural land

Submissions on the draft criteria to identify strategic agricultural land are now closed. Thank you for your feedback.

Public Exhibition

Submissions opens on

12.00am - Tuesday 12 March 2019

Submissions close on

12.00am - Friday 17 May 2019

Consultation findings report

A consultation findings report was released in September 2019.


Consultation findings report

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