Image of example figures included in calculator tool under Solar System

4. Size or capacity of your solar panel system in kilowatts (kW)

For example, a 4 kW system is equivalent to about 16 modern panels, or about 22 older pre 2015 panels.

5. Number of panel rows – either 1 (single row) or 2 (two rows)

Image of single row and double rows of rooftop solar panels

6. Orientation – what compass direction do your panels face?

To check, look at your property on a map, refer to a mapping website such as Google Maps, or use a compass.

7. Solar panel technology type:  Select what matches your system

  • Standard rooftop solar system - the panels are connected to a wall-mounted appliance called an inverter.  
  • Micro inverter rooftop solar system – microinverters are located underneath each panel on the roof.

If you don’t know, and you cannot ask your supplier, select standard solar rooftop system.

8. Set back angle

Image of example setback angle included in calculator tool

Estimate the distance from the bottom of the roof to the bottom edge of the solar panels, as shown on the diagram below. If the panels extend to the bottom of the roof, please enter zero. You may be able to measure this or estimate it by looking at a map or using measuring tools in aerial photography such as Google Maps or Google Earth.

Image of where to measure for overshadowing by neighbour

Page last updated: 22/11/19