We know how important it is to pick the right Future Home design for your site.

We have created free Design Intent Plans to give you a sense of what the homes are like before purchasing. Download the design intent plans for:

The architect

LIAN Architects

Architect’s statement

Future Homes Design B by LIAN architects is inspired by the qualities inherent in suburban living and the single-family home. By maximising private amenity with generous space, abundant natural light and seamless connections to large, private open spaces, this scheme overlays these qualities into a new denser form.

For more information about this design response, see Part 2 of the Building Future Homes: Adaptation guide.

Design features

All designs perform above industry standard and provide:

  • Abundant access to natural light
  • 100% effective natural ventilation
  • Improved accessibility features that exceed current standards
  • Excellent environmental performance including a minimum 7.5-star average NatHERS rating across the development, with 6.5-star minimum for any individual apartment
  • Generous and high quality communal and private open space
  • Facilities that support sustainable and active transport

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Terms of Use for Future Homes designs (PDF, 713.5 KB)

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Contact the Future Homes sales team for enquires relating to purchasing a Future Homes design at futurehomessales@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Contact the Future Homes referral team for all enquires relating to planning and referral matters at futurehomes@delwp.vic.gov.au.

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