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We know how important it is to pick the right Future Home design for your site.

We have created free Design Intent Plans to give you a sense of what the homes are like before purchasing. Download the design intent plans for:

The architects

Design Strategy Architecture with IncluDesign.

Architect’s statement

Future Homes design A by Design Strategy Architecture with IncluDesign is a series of urban, architectural, landscape, environmentally sustainable design and cost-effective design strategies that work together to generate high-quality, medium-density living.

The scheme consists of three key design elements: a well-sized communal courtyard, a welcoming threshold garden and strategically located communal stairs. All elements are designed to support interactions between the residents and neighbourhood and respond to contextual conditions.

For more information about this design response, see part 2 of the Building Future Homes: Adaption guide.

Design features

All designs perform above industry standard and provide:

  • Plenty of access to natural light.
  • 100% effective natural ventilation.
  • Improved accessibility features that exceed current standards.
  • Excellent environmental performance including a minimum 7.5-star average NatHERS rating across the development, with 6.5-star minimum for any individual apartment.
  • Generous and high quality communal and private open space.
  • Facilities that support sustainable and active transport.

Find out if your site is eligible for a Future Home design

Terms of Use for Future Homes designs (PDF, 713.5 KB)

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