Streamlined planning

A new planning process has been created for developments using the Future Homes exemplar design. Where a design is adapted correctly, a planning permit for a three storey apartment building can be achieved in approximately 2 months saving time and money for all those involved.

What’s different to a regular planning application? 

  • The exemplar designs have been developed by DELWP’s appointed architects, creating certainty that the design is acceptable in a General Residential Zone.
  • Clause 51.xx-1 provides a modified assessment pathway where what’s critical to a successful adaptation is assessed. This includes some modified provisions of Clause 55 (two or more dwellings on a lot)
  • Partnerships with Melbourne Water and Department of Transport to ensure Future Homes referrals are expediated.
  • Partnership with the pilot councils (Darebin, Maribyrnong and Monash) to accelerate planning approval for Future Homes.
  • A Design Adaptation Panel review before a planning application is lodged, so there are no surprises and certainty about the planning permit outcome.

Page last updated: 28/10/22