The Fast Track Government Land Service (FTGL Service) is an initiative to deliver changes to planning provisions or correct planning scheme anomalies for land owned by the Victorian government.

Government landowning departments and agencies (the landowner) that require planning scheme changes for their land can apply for assistance through the FTGL Service by following the steps below:

Step 1

Complete the FTGL Service application form  (DOCX, 121.8 KB) and submit it to .The application form must be submitted with the following additional information.

  • A Surplus Government Land Declaration Form (DOCX, 122.6 KB) must be completed and signed if the site is determined surplus.
  • Planning report: a planning report should include current and proposed planning provisions, maps, contextual information, strategic justification and any other supporting information.
  • Title information: a current copy of title information for each individual parcel of land forming the subject site.
  • Other relevant reports to support your proposal (i.e. heritage study, arborist report).
  • Evidence of any consultation undertaken with local council and other interested groups.

Step 2

The FTGL Service will assess the application and send the landowner a recommendation form outlining the appropriate Planning Stream Pathway, costs and timing.  Along with the recommendation form, the landowner will be sent an acceptance form.

Step 3

The landowner must complete, sign and submit the acceptance form and provide any additional information that may be requested.

When the FTGL Service receives the landowners signed acceptance form, the site will be implemented to the appropriate planning stream pathway.

More information

For questions relating to the application process contact the Fast Track Government Land Service on (03) 8683 0901 or email