The increasing number of new and renewable energy projects in regional Victoria means new power lines are needed to connect generation facilities to the existing network.

It is important that the design, consultation and construction phases for these power lines recognises the environmental and community impact of introducing new infrastructure into regional landscapes.

Prior to introducing the new controls by Amendment VC157, generally no planning permit was required for power lines less than 220,000 volts. These types of power lines connecting new large-scale electricity generators can extend over large distances.

Amendment VC157

Amendment VC157 introduced changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) and all planning schemes to require planning approval for power lines to connect new large-scale electricity generation facilities to the electricity network.

The amendment changed the VPP and all planning schemes by:

  • Amending Clause 73.03 (Land use terms) to introduce a new land use term 'Energy generation facility'.
  • Amending Clause73.04 (Nesting diagrams) to rename 'Renewable energy group' to 'Energy group' and nest the existing land use term 'Renewable energy facility' (including 'Wind energy facility') under the new land use term 'Energy generation facility'.
  • Amending Clause 73.03 (Land use terms) to amend the definition for ‘Minor utility installation’ which is exempt from the need for a planning permit to exclude power lines or sub-stations directly associated with an ‘Energy generation facility’ or ‘Geothermal energy extraction’.
  • Amending Clause 62.02 (Buildings and works) to insert an exemption for power lines and electrical sub-stations associated with an 'Energy generation facility' or 'Geothermal energy extraction' if a permit was issued prior to the gazettal date of Amendment VC157.

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Energy generation facilities and associated powerlines

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