A subdivision is assessed through the regular BMO application process with additional bushfire protection measures and referral requirements.  The process is a comprehensive assessment of bushfire hazard and the response of a subdivision and subsequent development of the lots to bushfire risk.

Information requirements

A planning permit application for subdivision in a BMO requires:

  • Bushfire landscape assessment
  • Bushfire hazard site assessment
  • Bushfire management statement
  • Bushfire management plan

Bushfire protection measures for subdivision

A planning permit application for subdivision in a BMO can meet approved or alternative measures for:

  • Response to landscape risk
  • Siting
  • Building design
  • Defendable space
  • Building construction
  • Water supply
  • Access
  • Perimeter roads (if applicable)
  • Management of landscaping and public open space

The Bushfire Management Statement and Bushfire Management Plan must show the approved or alternative bushfire protection measures and that the measures have been met.

Guides to assist applicants

Page last updated: 12/09/19