The regular BMO application process is a comprehensive assessment of bushfire hazard and the response of a development to bushfire risk.

The regular BMO process applies to:

  • Single dwellings that do not meet the specified requirements in BMO schedule areas or urban zones.
  • Single dwellings outside BMO scheduled areas or urban zones.
  • Dependent person’s units.
  • Multi unit development.
  • Industry.
  • Offices.
  • Retail premises.

Application requirements

A planning application under the regular BMO process requires a:

  • Bushfire landscape assessment.
  • Bushfire hazard site assessment.
  • Bushfire management statement.
  • Bushfire management plan.

These four documents can be included in one document using the template provided below.

Bushfire protection measures

An application under the regular BMO process can meet approved or alternative measures for:

  • Response to landscape risk.
  • Siting.
  • Building design.
  • Defendable space.
  • Building construction.
  • Direct flame contact (if applicable).
  • Water supply.
  • Access.

The Bushfire Management Statement and Bushfire Management Plan must show the approved or alternative bushfire protection measures and that the measures have been met.

The template provided below sets out in detail the approved and alternative bushfire protection measures and can assist preparation of the documentation to lodge an application.

Guides and Templates to assist applicants

Page last updated: 12/09/19