About the BMO requirements and process

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to land that may be significantly affected by a bushfire. The BMO triggers the need for a planning permit for certain developments and requires new developments to include appropriate bushfire protection measures.

Updated Bushfire Management Overlay mapping

Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) mapping has been updated in planning schemes across Victoria. The updated mapping came into effect on 3 October 2017, via amendment GC13.

The Bushfire Management Overlay is a planning control applied to land with the potential to be affected by extreme bushfires. New development and uses in the BMO may require a planning permit. This ensures that bushfire hazards, such as vegetation, slope and site access are assessed, and that bushfire protection measures are in place to manage risk.

The mapping criteria were developed in partnership with the CFA and CSIRO as part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implement all recommendations of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. The updated criteria have been applied in consultation with local councils.

These important changes are about making new homes, our communities and the environment safer and more resilient to bushfire.

Reading materials

View the following fact sheets to learn more about what the updated BMO means for you:

Does the Bushfire Management Overlay apply to my property?

The Bushfire Management Overlay applies to all land shown as BMO on the planning scheme maps.

To see if the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to your property you can:

  • Obtain a free Planning Property Report by entering the address at VicPlan
  • Use VicPlan to view the BMO in an interactive format or create your own custom map.
  • View the BMO map that is incorporated into your local planning scheme by going to Planning Schemes Online.

You can also visit the office of your local council to view the BMO planning scheme maps.

View the Bushfire Management Overlay planning scheme provision.

View the Bushfire planning planning scheme provision.

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