How best to manage the interface between industries and sensitive uses is a longstanding planning issue. Planning approaches to address buffer issues have been varied and complex. They have also led to inconsistent decision making.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) reviewed this problem, supported by experts and public feedback. The review looked at how the planning system can better manage buffers between industries and sensitive uses.

In 2018, DELWP asked Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Ltd (ERM) to do a review. ERM reviewed how Victoria's planning system manages land use buffers and separation distances. ERM provided a technical report to DELWP. The report assesses the planning policy and tools in the Victoria Planning Provisions. It also analysed local and international case studies to see how conflicting land uses are currently managed in planning.

First, DELWP sought public feedback about how buffers can be better managed in the planning system.

Then, DELWP consulted further on draft options to:

  • update the Planning Policy Framework and clause 53.10
  • introduce the Buffer Area Overlay.

More details about the consultation are on the Engage Victoria website.

The DELWP review responded to:

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