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What is the Melbourne Airport Environs Overlay and why is it being updated?

The state has long planned for the protection of Melbourne Airport, with planning controls protecting the four-runway layout in place since 1990.

The Melbourne Airport Environs Overlay (MAEO) is a planning control that was introduced by the Victorian Government in 2007. It is designed to limit the impacts of aircraft noise on land use and development in areas close to Melbourne Airport.

The MAEO reflects the airport's planned four-runway layout. It is being updated based on the approved 2018 Melbourne Airport Master Plan. This means the updated MAEO will apply to more properties than before.

The MAEO will apply to land across the council areas of:

  • Brimbank
  • Hume
  • Melton
  • Merri-bek
  • Moonee Valley
  • Whittlesea

What does this mean for my property?

If the MAEO applies to your property, it may affect what you are able to use or develop your land for in the future. However, existing homes are not required to make any changes. If you are planning a new use or development on your land, such as an extension or other change, you should speak to your local council about how the MAEO may affect your proposal. Limited exemptions apply for valid building permits and lodged planning permit applications.

For more information on how the MAEO affects your property, read the fact sheet below.

MAEO Update - Fact Sheet (PDF, 112KB) or (DOCX, 36KB)

Visual tool

To see if the Melbourne Airport Environs Overlay applies to your property, use the visual tool below by searching for your property address or zooming in to locate your property.

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Future MAEO updates

Please note, the MAEO could be updated again in the future. This is to reflect Commonwealth endorsed Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) in future Melbourne Airport Master Plans. Some properties that are not affected by this update of the MAEO may be affected by future ANEFs.

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More information

MAEO provisions

Access the MAEO provisions by following the link below and navigating to Clause 45.08 of your local council planning scheme.

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