Planning decisions need to address potential issues in the immediate vicinity of airports, and their broader environs.

These include:

  • noise
  • protected airspace
  • wildlife strikes
  • lighting distractions to pilots
  • wind turbines
  • building generated windshear / turbulence.

The Victorian Airports Map (PDF, 1.6 MB) shows a broad sample of Victoria's many airports, both large and small.

Airport map thumbnail - a sample of Victoria's airports

The Victorian Government has taken significant steps to safeguard airports. We work with airport operators, the Commonwealth Government, the Australian Airports Association and local government to help ensure that planning around airports considers the potential safety and amenity impacts on surrounding communities and that airport operations are protected. 

Melbourne's airports (including Melbourne, Avalon, Essendon and Moorabbin) and Victoria's RAAF Bases (Point Cook and East Sale) are important infrastructure assets, vital to the city's social connectivity and economic prosperity.

Victoria's many regional airports (including Ballarat, Bendigo, Hamilton, Latrobe Valley, Mildura, Mt Hotham and Portland) also make significant social and economic contributions to their regions and the State.

More information

Local government owned airports

For details of Victoria's local government owned and operated airports refer to the relevant council website.   

National Airports Safeguarding Framework

The Commonwealth has published National Airports Safeguarding Framework related guidance material for airport operators.

Using Victoria's planning system

The department has published guidance on using Victoria's planning system, including airport related content.

Defence Technologies Sector Strategy

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources has produced a Defence Technologies Sector Strategy highlighting the aerospace industry's significant contribution to Victoria's economy. The strategy is available on Business Victoria's Future Industries page.

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