Governor in Council Order

Key Messages:
  • The GIC Order specifies the income ranges for very low, low and moderate - income households for affordable housing.
  • The income ranges in the Order will be adjusted annually in February using the Housing Group of the Consumer Price Index for the December Quarter published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • Whoever is managing the rental or sale of the properties will need to have a process in place to make sure the property is allocated or sold to an eligible household. In making the decision on allocation they should have regard to the Order and to the Specified Matters Under Section 3AA(2) – Ministerial Notice.

The Governor in Council Order (the Order) forms part of the definition of affordable housing under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The Order specifies the income ranges for very low, low and moderate-income households for affordable housing that is not social housing. The Order will be published annually in the Government Gazette.

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, social housing has the same meaning as in section 4(1) of the Housing Act 1983.

Income limits for social housing are determined by the Director of Housing.

Page last updated: 20/09/19