Rooftop residential solar energy facilities make an important contribution to improving efficiency through greater use of renewable energy.

In October 2018, Amendment VC149 amended the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes to introduce planning requirements that require new developments to consider their impact on any existing solar energy facility mounted on the roof of an adjoining dwelling.

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What is a rooftop solar energy facility?

A rooftop solar energy facility is associated with a dwelling and typically comprises rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar hot water heating systems.

The new requirements

The new planning requirements apply to:

  • All new buildings and works that require a planning permit in a residential zone or Commercial 1 Zone if an adjoining lot in a residential zone contains an existing rooftop solar energy facility on a dwelling.

    'Residential zone' means the General Residential Zone, Mixed Use Zone, Neighbourhood Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone and Township Zone. It does not include the Low Density Residential Zone.

    These requirements only apply to a solar energy facility if it is connected to the rooftop of a dwelling, including the roof top of any outbuilding associated with the dwelling.
  • A new solar energy facility on land in a Heritage Overlay if the facility is visible from a street (other than a lane) or a public park.

More information

More information about the new planning requirements and how you can minimise the risk of overshadowing on your rooftop solar energy facility can be found below.

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