Other government activities

A comprehensive range of tools and products to support bushfire management and community resilience are available.  Key government tools and products used in Victoria are set out below.  They include work across agencies, maps, guides and formalised risk assessments.

Fire Management Planning

Fire management planning brings together many agencies and organisations to discuss, plan and manage fire with the community.  These agencies and organisations are responsible for fire prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and cultural and environmental uses of fire.

For further information: Environment Management Victoria - Fire management planning

Municipal Fire Management Plans (MFMPs)

MFMPs are a component of Fire Management Planning, which integrates planning at the local level.  Plans are developed through a Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee, drawing on the state direction and regional strategy.  There are 64 plans in Victoria.

For further information on your regional plan: Environment Management Victoria - Fire management planning.

Follow the links in the local government websites to download your municipal plan.

Victorian Fire Risk Register - Bushfire (VFFR-B)

The VFFR informs and supports fire management planning and service delivery by identifying and describing the level of risk for various assets and places at risk of bushfire.  The register is informed by the nature of the asset, the hazard and current strategies addressing the risk.

For more information: Victorian Fire Risk Register - Bushfire

Community Information Guides Bushfire

Community Information Guides - Bushfire are a key source of information for communities deemed to be at risk of bushfire or grassfire.  They describe local bushfire risk mitigation actions for particular communities.

For more information: CFA - Community information guides

Neighbourhood Safer Places

A Neighbourhood Safer Place (or Bushfire Place of Last Resort) is for community members when all their other bushfire plans have failed.  Established by local government, they are locations that may provide some protection from the effects of bushfire. They do not guarantee safety.

For more information: CFA - Neighbourhood Safer Places

Page last updated: 07/08/20