What is State Project Facilitation?

State Project Facilitation:

  • Guides project proponents to progress State projects through the planning system.
  • Develops and Manages streamlined processes for planning assessments.
  • Working with the State Project Concierge the branch provides advice to Victorian government departments and local government authorities on planning requirements for state planning projects.
  • Coordinates assessments in line with environmental and native vegetation requirements.
  • Processes project area designation submissions under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 on behalf of the Minister for Planning.
  • Ensures that government land is zoned appropriately or reserves land proposed to be acquired for State projects.

Facilitated approval pathways

State Project Facilitation Service works with proponents to facilitate planning approvals

Clause 52.03 ‘Level Crossing Removal Project’ added to the Victoria Planning Provisions in 2020 establishes a standard planning approval process to assess all level crossing removal projects. Clause 52.03 supports the State Government’s commitment to remove 75 of the most dangerous level crossings, and upgrade rail corridors. Further information about Clause 52.03 is found in Amendment VC170

Clause 52.35 ‘Major Road Projects’ and Clause 52.36 ‘Rail Projects’ were added to the Victoria Planning Provisions in May 2021 and establish a standard planning approval process to assess all road and rail projects carried out or on behalf of Major Road Projects Victoria and Rail Projects Victoria respectively. Further information about Clauses 52.35 and 52.36 are found in Amendment VC198

Clause 52.30 'State Projects' added to the Victoria Planning Provisions in 2021 establishes a standard planning approval process to prioritise the planning and assessments of state projects to support Victoria’s economic recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Further information about Clause 52.30 is found in Amendment VC194

Clause 52.30 supports projects determined by the Minister for Planning to be a state project, usually by or behalf of, or jointly or in partnership with, or funded by the State of Victoria or a public authority, or on Crown land.

More information can be found at Clause 52.30 assessment guideline

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Page last updated: 06/12/22