Some types of permit applications have specific requirements that need to be allowed for when preparing your application.

Alpine Resorts planning information

Guidance about planning permit applications and contact details for planning in the Victorian Alpine Resorts.

More information about Alpine Resorts

Building permits

The Building Act 1993 outlines obligations for building surveyors – both council and private – and responsible authorities regarding the interaction and relationship between building and planning permit applications.

Building permit requirements

All single dwellings require a building permit, regardless of whether a planning permit is also required. In most cases single dwelling developments only require a building permit.

The siting provisions which apply to residential development can be found in Part 4 of the Victorian Building Regulations 2006. They apply to all single dwellings except where a planning permit is required for the construction of that building and the planning scheme regulates the same matters.

More information

More information about the building permit process and the application of siting provisions is available from:

Farm planning and intensive animal industries

Information about preparing a Farm Plan can be found at Agriculture Victoria. This might be useful when you’re preparing a planning application.

Potable water supply catchments

These guidelines have been prepared to assist responsible authorities and water corporations when assessing a planning permit application for use and development of land within open, potable water supply catchments. Published by the Victorian Government ISBN 978-1-74287-725-9 (online)

Refer to the guidelines for Planning permit applications in open, potable water supply catchment areas, November 2012, Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Residential development

All planning schemes in Victoria contain provisions for locally responsive residential development. The residential development provisions apply to the construction or extension of one or more dwellings on a lot and to the subdivision of land in residential zones, with standards on:

  • Neighbourhood character
  • Site layout and building massing
  • Amenity impacts
  • On-site facilities
  • Detailed design

The standards for residential development are generally covered by Victorian planning schemes and the Victorian Building Regulations.

Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants are private agreements between land owners which may limit the way land may be used and developed. If your land has a restrictive covenant on the title you might need to remove or vary the covenant before your planning permit is approved.

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Some applications for a planning permit are eligible for a simpler VicSmart assessment. Find out if you qualify or view more information for applicant and councils.