The Minister for Planning, not the local council, is the responsible authority for some applications. This means that the Minister is responsible for the application process and making a decision.

Register of permit applications

Like all responsible authorities, the Minister must keep a planning register of applications, that can be viewed online.

The online register includes details of:

  • All planning permit applications determined since 29 November 2014.
  • All planning permit applications which are currently active, as of 13 August 2015.
  • All planning permit applications received since 13 August 2015.

View the Minister's Planning Permit Application Register

The register of planning permit applications determined by the Minister before 29 November 2014 can be viewed below:

Where the Minister is responsible

The Minister for Planning is responsible for making decisions on planning permit applications in the following areas:

  • Central Dandenong, Kew Residential Services, Waverley Park
  • Melbourne Planning Scheme
    • The proposed development exceeds 25,000 square metres
    • The proposed development and use of land is on behalf of the Minister of the Crown
    • The site is the Melbourne Showgrounds or Flemington Racecourse
    • The proposal is on other specific sites, including the Melbourne Casino.
  • Port Phillip Planning Scheme
    (Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area) where development is located in specific areas and the application is for one of the following:
    • Development with a building height of 4 storeys or greater
    • Use and or/development for 60 or more dwellings
    • Use and/or development with a gross floor area exceeding 10,000 square metres
    • Use and or/development where any part of the land is owned by a public authority and/or municipal council and the estimated cost of development is more than $10,000,000.
  • Central Geelong
    where the application is for one of the following:
    • use and/or development in excess of 5,000 square metres
    • use and/or development of five or more storeys, excluding a basement
    • use and/or development of 50 or more dwellings.

These areas of responsibility change from time to time.

Each planning scheme also lists who is responsible for administering that scheme (issuing permits). This is usually the council, but the Minister may be responsible for some specific types of applications, or for particular properties.

You can check Clause 72.01 and the Schedule to Clause 72.01 of the relevant planning scheme for this information. If you are not sure, please speak to a council planner.

The Minister for Planning is also responsible for making decisions on applications for:

Responsibility of the Minister for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change

Permit applications under:

  • clause 53.20 Housing by or on behalf of the Director of Housing, and
  • proposals to the satisfaction of the responsible authority under clause 52.20 Victoria’s Big Housing Build

are determined by the Minister for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change pursuant to clause 72.01-1.

Applications should be submitted to

More information on clauses 53.20 and 52.20 and Victoria’s Big Housing Build

How to apply

Applications where the Minister is the responsible authority, including: planning permits, development plans, consents under incorporated documents, general enquiries and exemption requests can be submitted online.

You can also submit secondary application types such as amendments, extensions of time, and endorsed plans online.

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Managing referral groups

More information

If you have questions or need advice about an area where the Minister is responsible for planning permit decisions, please contact us using the details below.

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